Design, in the service of "major works"

For UNIC MARKETING PLUS, the planning phase always represents the strategic stage for the perfect execution of each project.

On one hand, our "know-how," which is the experience accumulated over 30 years in the field, allows us to foresee each subsequent stage of processing and, thus, to identify all the technical measures necessary for defining an efficient executive project.

On the other hand, the "engineering specialization" of our technical department, composed of key figures, including a design manager, a structural engineer, and a designer, enables a comprehensive understanding of design specifications. UNIC MARKETING PLUS utilizes the most advanced software in the technical office, such as 3D CAD Modeling, F.E.M structural analysis, photorealistic rendering, etc.

In this way, our design clients, such as architects and engineers, can find competent and specialized assistance in UNIC MARKETING PLUS, confidently entrusting their metal joinery projects with assurance and security.


UNIC MARKETING PLUS has always leveraged the expertise of top experts and professionals in each engineering sector, such as mechanical, installations, energy, structural, metallurgical, etc.

Today, in the UNIC MARKETING PLUS technical office, among others, there is a design manager, a structural engineer, and a civil designer. This allows UNIC MARKETING PLUS to provide a comprehensive internal design service, capable of delivering a complete executive project for every concept in the field of metal joinery.

For the construction sector, we specialize in internal structural design (EXC3 EN 1090).

Additionally, we can provide:

  • Drone inspection and survey / 3D CAM;
  • 2D workshop drawings and 3D executive projects;
  • F.E.M. structural calculations;
  • Fire safety practices;
  • Site safety (H&S);
  • Works supervision (DL).


CAD Software

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is an essential tool for computer-aided technical drawing, providing architects, engineers, and professionals in various sectors such as mechanics and systems with the ability to create highly precise 2D and 3D drawings.

UNIC MARKETING PLUS utilizes new and constantly updated CAD software, such as:

Inventor®: It provides professional 3D tools for mechanical design, product simulation, and documentation. It is highly efficient due to a powerful combination of parametric, direct, freeform, and rule-based design capabilities. It allows direct modeling in a 3D environment, quickly and efficiently producing corresponding 2D executive drawings.

The capabilities offered by Inventor®, whether used alone or integrated with other software, are numerous and powerful, including:

  • Project-specific analysis
  • System model creation (generally in 3D)
  • 3D executive model creation
  • 2D executive drawing and/or solid modeling for CAD/CAM
  • Creation of separate components for construction
  • Creation of commercial components
  • CAD drawing of individual mechanical components
  • Retrieval of drawings generated in previous CAD formats
  • CAD drawing generation (3D solid models and 2D executive models) from manual drawings
  • 3D assembly creation from manual assembly drawings
  • Use of sheets, formats, templates, and drawing rules/methods at the client's request
  • Sending our designers to the client's technical offices for project introduction/maintenance and/or drawing entry into the company's databases, as well as initiating/managing other planning/drawing phases.

Other fundamental CAD programs used by UNIC MARKETING PLUS include:

AutoCAD®: It is a fundamental tool for 2D/3D drawing and can be considered the most well-known and widely used software for vector-based technical drawing. It enables collaborative project use, facilitating communication and interaction among different teams for optimal collaboration. Its versatility allows the production of files that can be used in other specialized programs, making it a cornerstone for any type of technical graphic production. These CAD programs represent a robust set of tools for designing and drawing in the field of metal joinery and infrastructure, ensuring quality and efficiency in project development.

3ds Max®: A fundamental tool for 3D modeling, 3ds Max® is one of the most comprehensive software for creating and especially modeling three-dimensional elements due to its powerful editing capabilities. It also has a wide range of third-party plugins to enhance its potential, including photorealistic rendering software.

Autodesk® Rendering: A fundamental tool for photorealistic rendering, Autodesk® Rendering is extremely important for graphic representation. It enables the creation of images that closely resemble reality, allowing for optimal understanding of the relationship between a construction project and its existing environment. Consequently, it facilitates predicting the real impact it may have on functionality. This tool is essential for achieving a realistic visualization that aids in making informed decisions during the design and planning stages.

Software FEM (Finite Element Method)

UNIC MARKETING PLUS utilizes state-of-the-art FEM software for the finite element analysis of structures and individual structural components. This software allows for both static and dynamic analyses, including response spectrum analysis for different seismic zones. The analysis adheres to national regulations such as NTC2018 and Eurocodes for primary materials like steels and aluminum alloys. The software is also capable of conducting verifications according to various foreign standards (e.g., ASTM, BS).

The specific FEM software used by UNIC MARKETING PLUS includes:

Sap2000®: A finite element analysis software designed for civil engineering, produced by Computers and Structures Inc., California. Sap2000 is widely used globally and has been at the forefront of structural analysis for over 40 years. It adapts to Italian technical standards, including seismic mapping of the Italian territory, response spectra, interface capabilities with other programs, and compliance testing. Sap2000 also performs verifications according to major foreign regulations and Eurocodes 2, 3, 8, and 9.

Nesting Software and Component Simulation Platforms: These are designed for mechanized cutting and deformation of sheet metal, commonly used in industrial and manufacturing environments.

UNIC MARKETING PLUS utilizes constantly updated nesting software, such as:


In our production facilities, various types of CNC machines are employed based on specific needs and products. CNC software plays a vital role in controlling these machines, providing instructions for cutting, shaping, and other manufacturing processes. Each CNC machine has its own characteristics tailored to meet the specific requirements of a given order. This ensures adaptability and precision in the production process for UNIC MARKETING PLUS.