PEB – Pre-engineered Steel Warehouses

Due to the ongoing need for increasingly advanced and innovative construction systems, and in response to a globalized and demanding market, UNIC MARKETING PLUS has chosen the path of PEB (Pre-Engineered Building). Our highly specialized personnel in the design and construction of metal structures have developed an advanced and efficient construction concept for prefabricated industrial steel warehouses. Our range of complementary products serves a wide array of purposes, from storage and working environments to commercial and agricultural areas, even extending to simple roofing solutions like parking areas.

Carefully designed, utilizing high-quality materials, these structures empower you to manage and optimize any space with flexibility and efficiency. With each new project, clients can choose from a broad range of customizations tailored to work demands, strategic and geographic needs, as each warehouse is crafted to measure.

We will assist you in building your customized steel shed

UNIC MARKETING PLUS provides primary and secondary elements, manufactured and designed according to your requirements. Equipped with the latest technology and highly skilled workforce, we deliver top-quality and meticulously controlled products within the required timeframes.

Prefabricated Steel Gratings

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) are structures constructed from components manufactured in a factory and assembled on-site. PEB structures enable large, open spaces without the need for columns, meeting maintenance requirements. Consequently, interior columns and partition walls are often eliminated or minimized.

Standard Cross-Section for PEB / Standard Design with Commercial Profiles

Custom Cross-Section PEB / Custom Projects by UNIC MARKETING PLUS

The most common uses of prefabricated steel sheds include the construction of:In addition to more common applications, PEB is often chosen for special-purpose buildings, such as:
Commercial Centers/Hypermarkets
Retail Stores
Exhibition Halls
Institutional Buildings
Hangare pentru avioane
Adăposturi de parcare pentru vehicule
Stații de service
Ferme de păsări etc.

The Skeleton Structure of the Pre-Engineered Steel Warehouse (PEB).

Numerous ADVANTAGES of Prefabricated Steel Warehouses.

Pre-engineered buildings offer various advantages in terms of the construction process and applications.

These primarily include the following benefits:

Highly cost-effective Greater clear span

Earthquake-resistant design

Fire-resistant design

Faster Construction Process

Faster Construction Process

Easy Expansion and Modification of Building Plan

Primary Elements

Single-Opening Transparent Pediment – Rigid Frame

When large open spaces are required, the clear-span type of pediment frame is generally the most economical choice. This frame with tapered members can be designed in symmetrical or asymmetrical configurations.

Rigid Frame with Multiple Openings

Depending on the building width and service requirements, we can introduce internal columns for the rear wall or divide the building into a specific number of openings.

Single-Slope Rigid Frame

This type of framing is used very rarely when there are specific restrictions and requirements for the drainage system.


Sloped frames are attached to existing buildings or other main frames.

Secondary Elements

Secondary elements act as supports assisting in bearing some of the longitudinal loads, such as wind and seismic loads. They also provide lateral support to the compression flanges of the primary frame components, enhancing their load-bearing capacity.

Purlins, girts, and roof battens are crucial secondary elements in a pre-engineered building. 'Z,' 'C,' and other specially shaped sections are used as longitudinal elements for the roof and walls. Most often, we employ the same section for roof panels and wall girts that connect to columns and rafters, supporting the exterior roof and wall panels.

Cladding Materials for Walls and Roofs

We provide various cladding solutions, ranging from simple corrugated sheets to rock wool sandwich panels. 

Attic Flooring Systems

Attic flooring systems are often a part of a pre-engineered building.

The Mezzanine Deck (typically 0.7 mm thickness) is an intermediate floor with the required surface, consisting of columns, beams, joists, floorboards, and edge trims to support the concrete slab.

Hoisting System

Hoisting systems are often integrated into PEB structures to lift and move various materials throughout the building.

The most common type of overhead cranes in PEB structures are top-running cranes, typically supplied with crane beams, columns, and crane supports. Other types of cranes include cantilever cranes, monorail cranes, jib cranes, and more.

Exterior Roof Finish Colors

Workflow Processes