Leading company in the field of civil and industrial construction. We provide customized solutions to each client.

Our company has managed to undertake, execute, and successfully complete a significant number of projects since its establishment until the present. With a substantial and well-trained human capital, our company can ensure
a monthly production of 80-170 tons of finished products.
Based on UNIC Marketing Plus, the client can take advantage of a turnkey service and maintain relationships with a single point of contact with visible benefits and guarantees.

UNIC Marketing Plus intervenes promptly and efficiently even in the case of exceptional events, providing assistance, resources, and materials.

All these factors make UNIC Marketing Plus a qualified partner for entrepreneurs and companies, ranging from small enterprises to industrial ones.

Quality is our specialty! Less time, exceptional quality, impeccable services!

Unic Marketing Plus company is capable of executing any type of metal fabrications, painted or galvanized, security railings, metal stairs, supports, industrial equipment, jetties, metal halls, gates and fences, industrial metal doors for vehicles or pedestrians, etc.


Completed projects




Company History Leading Construction Company Since 2014

The company was established in 2014 and acquired by the current shareholder in December 2018. From that date, the company began operating as an industrial construction and assembly firm, enhancing its quality, professionalism, and equipping itself with special equipment and construction machinery in accordance with the requirements of the executed contracts.

The professional ability of the administrator has resulted in the undertaken projects becoming increasingly complex.
The satisfaction of our clients has led to an exponential growth in projects, as a result of recognizing the quality of both our project managers and our staff, who are 100% qualified personnel.
This led to recommendations for other potential clients, resulting in a success rate of over 85%
from the projects offered.


Professional experience

The administrator's expertise has led to increasingly complex projects being undertaken. The satisfaction of clients has resulted in exponential growth in the volume of projects, driven by the recognition of the quality of both the project leaders and the company's personnel, who are 100% qualified. This, in turn, has led to recommendations for other potential clients, resulting in a success rate of over 85% from the projects offered.

Due to the experience gained over the years in further developing production, acquiring new skills, and utilizing new technologies while respecting the environment, the company has become a reference point not only in Romania but also beyond.
This passion for technology has allowed UNIC Marketing Plus to specialize in the creation and customized production of industrial warehouses, metal structures, not only for the agricultural or livestock sector, including barns and accompanying articles but also for the industrial, civil, and commercial sectors.
The client can rely on a company with extensive experience and highly specialized personnel, driven by enthusiasm, capable of providing appropriate technical support and overseeing the in-house production of all components, from installation to post-sales maintenance.
Moreover, the entire production process is flexible, allowing us to meet any need and enabling us to gradually develop the best customized solution for you.
• Our objective is to effectively address the client's needs, successfully execute their project, and provide ongoing post-sales support and follow-up.
• Our capability lies in developing a new project in a comprehensive, fast, and efficient manner, based on the needs of our clients and our experience, giving shape to a design and concretizing an idea.
• We continuously strive to enhance the quality, professionalism, and equip ourselves with special equipment and machinery

• Safety
• Speed of intervention
• Adherence to contractual quality requirements
• Economic competitiveness

Quality is our specialty!